Strengthening community and civil society responses to Violence against women and children, and other human rights human rights violations across Africa.


MIFUMI is an international non-government women's rights organization based in Uganda. MIFUMI's work revolves around protection of women and children experiencing violence and other forms of abuse. MIFUMI believes that if women were empowered they could rise above many of the cultural traditions that hold them back,such as bride price. If women were to realize their full potential, they would be the greatest contributors to development

MIFUMI initiates reform through advocacy to policy makers, Counseling support, medico-legal advice and hand-held support for survivors to duty bearer offices.

As Poverty has been found to be one of the leading causes of violence against women and children, MIFUMI has initiated economic empowerment programs like micro-credit schemes and other income generating ventures.

MIFUMI ensures that even the very poor in rural Uganda enjoy the basic rights to health and education through the Mifumi Health Centre and Primary School.

MIFUMI also believes in equal opportunities by main-streaming the needs of the marginalized groups that include disabled people and people living with HIV/AIDS.


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